Working papers

Heterogeneous Endogenous Effects in Networks [Appendix] [package + empirical replication] [Slides]

On Testing Continuity and the Detection of Failures [with Matthew Backus] [code]

Local Regression Smoothers with Set Valued Outcome Data [with Qiyu Li, Ilya Molchanov, Francesca Molinari]

Mostly Harmless Regulation? Health Warnings, Electronic Cigarettes, and Consumer Welfare [with Donald Kenkel, Mike Pesko, Hua Wang] [R&R]

High Dimensional Propensity Score Estimation via Covariate Balancing [with Yang Ning, Kosuke Imai] [code] [Biometrika, Forthcoming]

econet: An R package for parameter-dependent network centrality measures [with Marco Battaglini, Valerio Sciabolazza and Eleonora Patacchini] [code] [R&R]

Regression Discontinuity Design under Self-selection [with Yang Ning]

Work in Progress

Partial identification and credible estimation for stochastic epidemics with missing data [with Forrest Crawford]

A Graphical Lasso Approach to Estimating Network Connections: The case of U.S. lawmakers [with Marco Battaglini Forrest Crawford and Eleonora Patacchini]

Effort Provision in a Social Coding Platform: Evidence from GitHub and StackOverflow Linked Data [with Levon Barseghyan, Francesca Molinari and Matthew Thirkettle]

Double Logit Search and Rank Optimization [with Giovanni Compiani, Greg Lewis and Peichun Wang]